Door Station: Initial Configuration via Automatic Configuration Service

To achieve a reliable installation of a Door Station (T24/25/26, S14/15, S15M/S26) it’s required to run the automatic configuration service to bring the camera into service.

If you need to verify if a camera was brought into service using the automatic configuration please open the cameras configuration file using “Admin Menu=>Configuration=>Edit Configuration File”. Search for the “SECTION autoconfig”, if this section is empty or not included, the automtatic configuration service wasn’t used or did fail.

In case the automatic configuration service wasn’t used you’ll have to reset the camera and all connected modules to factory defaults. How to reset the cameras and modules is explained in the attached document.

Mx cg firmware_update_en_140414 from MXCommunity

To find out how a door station can be set up using the automatic configuration please watch the following video.