Door Station T 26 auto configuration

Can someone explain why I am encountering an “Error 2” verbal message when trying to undertake an Auto Configuration of my T26 Door Station

Hi @alsmith350,

If autoconfiguration is done on a camera, the autoconfiguration is automatically set to “locked” - for protection. If you then try to start the autoconfiguration again, you will receive the message “Error 2”.
If you want the camera to do an autoconfiguration again, reset your camera and the modules (if available: BellRFID, KeypadRFID and Doormaster) to factory settings.

The camera can be reset via the web interface:
Admin Menu → Configuration → Reset.

The modules should be reset on the hardware side. The procedure for doing this can be found in the document “Compact Guide: Firmware Update” starting on page 10, Resetting MxBus Modules via Hardware Reset:

Also remove the camera from your MxDisplay if available.

Then you can start a new autoconfiguration.