Electronic magnetic lock & Doormaster


I want to know if it is possible that the doormaster can hold the 12V DC magnetic lock (locked) with self-powered mode ?

Because the magnet should hold the door locked until RFID card or the user opens the door from the application.

What ever I do, the voltage only is present when i click open door in the app or the button on the doormaster.

Is there any setting that allows the 12V to be permanent and keeps the magnet powerd on all the time ?

I have the Mobotix T26 + mxBell + doormaster, powered by an 48V Poe adapter.

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Hello @bostjankr ,
the switching time of the doormaster is limited to 10 seconds by default (battery life is thus promoted)

This could be circumvented in a roundabout way.
To do this, you would have to disconnect the door opener assignment and create a switching output profile that disconnects the voltage as soon as an RFID card is detected.

This must be linked in an action group: RFID OK → switch output

However, here again a 2nd switching output profile must be created and a timer (META) that switches the voltage back on.

Say: RFID OK → voltage gone → e.g. 10 seconds later → switch output 2 switches current on again.

We do not recommend this via the Doormaster battery, an external voltage would be required and the Doormaster would be used in relay mode.


Thank you for the answer.

Now that i know that i cant use it over mobotix doormaster als self powere I like to know the following :

  • I have an Magentic electrical lock, and a power supply for the lock ( 12V DC 2A)
  • The MX doormaster

Can i somehowe use the 12v power supply for the lock ower the mx doormaster ? use the ports IN+ IN- and OUT + OUT - to power the lock ower doormaster, and then use the relay function to cut the power when opening the door ?

If this is possible can someone draw a circuit picture how to connect it this way, and what settings I must use on mobotix camera to use it in this way ?

As explaind before i have tried all thre curcuit ways from the manual and sadly non of them worked.

The closest is the mediator lock, but on my lock i only have
12v+ ,12v- , NC, NO, C contacts. But i will use only the 12V+ and 12V - contacts.
The magnetic lock is an Polish lock Yotogi ZW600