Wiring of the Door Station


These wiring schematics are detailed in the T25 manuals which can be downloaded at Mobotix > Support > Download Center > Documentation > User Manuals > IP Video Door Station > IP Video Door Station.

T25 + BellRFID/KeypadRFID + MX-DoorMaster + InfoModule

T25 + BellRFID or KeypadRFID

T25 + BellRFID or KeypadRFID + InfoModule

T25 + BellRFID or KeypadRFID + InfoModule Mx2Wire+ + MX-DoorMaster + Mx2Wire+

T25 + IO-Module

T25 + IO-Module + (Siedle) Bell Button Module (1 to 4)

T25 + IO-Module + External Light (via 230V Relay)

T25 + IO-Module + Door Opener

T25 + IO-Module + Door Switch and Door Lock Switch

T25 + MX-DoorMaster

Self Powered

External Power Supply (Internal Relay Function

The MX-DoorMaster’s integrated relay function switches a maximum external voltage of 24V (SELV), max 1A

Self-Locking Mediator Door Lock including UPS via Battery Pack

In this option, the MX-DoorMaster’s battery pack powers the system in the event of a power failure and allows the door to be opened without a key.