Email Suffix to use one Email Account for different Sub Accounts

To uniquely identify a user, the MOBOTIX Cloud requires a unique email address that can only be assigned to one user, just like any other common online service (e.g. Ebay, Facebook, Twitter …).

In some cases, however, it is necessary that a user is created in several MOBOTIX CLOUD sub accounts.

In this case, there are two possibilities:
A: Create a NEW email account for each account.
B: Add a suffix to the existing email account.

The variant with the suffix is supported by many email providers.
The user can extend his email address by adding a suffix and can thus “subdivide”/ use an email address more than once.

Original email address is:

With a suffix, further unique emails can be created, e.g.

Any reply to the above emails will be sent to the original emails.

In this case, a partner can create a user account for his cloud customers without having to create a new email address.

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