Exposure, Snow, Daytime, and 6mp b/w sensors on S15D-SEC

I have noticed that the minimum exposure for an x5 camera using b/w 6MP sensor(s) at the highest resolution is capped(?) at approx 1/4500. This makes the scene overexposed when you have sunny skies and complete snow cover during the day. Is my theory correct? The x6 seems to be capped at approx 1/6800 at full resolution. So, the workaround would be to run the camera at a lower resolution (like 3MP) to get the minimum exposure to 1/7000-1/10000? I am assuming there is no way to go below(numerically) 1/4500 at 6MP. But if there is, I’d sure like to know.

Has anyone else had this issue to deal with?

i can do 1/16000 at 6mp M25 6mp

Thanks for taking the time to respond. Yes, you can select 1/6000. But what are the actual values that you can attain? Type in “Exp ^Er” in Text Display and see what the actual value is. Try setting the Max Exposure time to 1/8000 thereby forcing the camera to stay between 1/8000-1/16000. I think you will find that the actual minimum exposure value supported to be approx 1/4500 (using High Image Quality, 6MP, 80%JPEG,MxPEG, 60Hz,Linked Image-OFF, b/w sensors). Like I theorized earlier, I think this has to do with processing power. But, I could be wrong. Which is why I am asking the question to gain a better understanding.

The workaround on this (i.e. to decrease exposure time) is to make the image size smaller. Otherwise, don’t expect the exposure time to go any lower than 1/4500(approx) on the S15 with dual sensors. If one wants to stay at full image size (6MP) with dual sensors, the only other thing that has helped with the brightness is to take Avg Brightness to 10% when the lux reaches a certain level. I have created an event based off illumination that triggers an IP Notify to take the avg brightness down to 10% on days when lux is over 30,000. While the image is still too bright, this procedure did make an improvement. When I no longer have full snow cover, I will see if I need to make adjustments on this setup.

An update to what feels like a personal blog. LOL:

I just wanted to say that even though the image is over exposed with snow covered landscape(at 6MP dual b/w sensors, High Quality), when you have something that is not white (i.e. a person or car), the objects are not overexposed in the stream. Also, I found out that with image size at 6MP(dual, b/w sensors) and quality set to “fast” , you do in fact get the exposure under control. So, with this last bit of info, I will end my long winded diatribe.