X6 Dual Core Processor

I’m trying to understand how the x6 cameras with the dual core processors work. On dual lens cameras, I am assuming that both cores are used. Do the single lens cameras utilize the second core to improved frame rate? Example: If an S16 can have 10fps on a dual lens setup @ 6mpx2, can a P26 get 20fps@6mp utilizing both cores? Or is the P26 fps capped at 10fps@6mp (or 12fps @ 6mp as advertised)? Or, another question could be: Do the single lens cameras utilize the 2nd core?

I am asking this question because I’m trying to figure out if an dual camera performs just as well as an x6 camera with 1 lens (M26,S26,etc) with respect to frame rate.

I’m bumping this post. Is there anyone a Mx that can make any comment?