How can I find out the factory IP address of a camera?

In order to receive a RMA for your camera, the factory IP address (which is the serial number of the camera) is needed.

All MOBOTIX factory IP addresses start with 10.


The factory address can be found the following ways:

  • a sticker on the camera housing, usually combined with a barcode


  • Opening the link http://CAMERA-IP/control/camerainfo in your browser, where “http://CAMERA-IP” has to be changed to the currently used address of the camera and, if needed, the port and a https instead of http has to be added.

    Example: https//CAMERA-IP/control/camerainfo

  • In the configuration file, the factory IP is written in the fileheader.

    Example: # Camera IP:

  • If the camera is recording to a share, the root directory of the recordings is named after the factory IP.

    Example: 10_12_14_16

  • If you have a stored image of the camera (e.g. on a website), you can open the image in a text editor. You will find a line starting with “MAC=”, where the MAC address of the camera is noted. To convert this MAC address to the factory IP, please see How can I get the factory IP from the MAC address?

    Example: MAC=00:03:C5:0C:0E:10

How can I get the camera info using API?
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I found another solution. http://IP-CAMERA/api/json/status
Thank You @Makason4ik