How to manually reset the Mobotix T25 Camera?

Hi, I have a T25 camera that has been configured statically with IP Address and this IP Address is visible to the network once you use a IP Scanner, but when you enter the IP Address to the web-page address bar the camera is not opening the page. The factory IP is not also accessible as I turned off the Additional IPV4 address on the ethernet setting page.

Is there any way I can manually reset the camera to factory defaults, I couldn’t see any buttons or contact surface on the PCB to factory reset this device.

Any inputs on this will be very much appreciated.

Thank you and best regards.


Hi Alvin,

Please refer to the document that outlines the procedure for resetting and reconfiguring a Mobotix Door Station

mx_WP_T25_ResetReconfigure_en_140607.pdf (1.2 MB)

Thanks Mx-MichaelD for the reply and help. I have successfully factory restored the camera.