How to activate a Desktop Notification with an Alarmsound in the MOBOTIX HUB

The MxHub offers a desktop notification in case of an alarm.

A small pop-up appears and, if desired, an alarm sound is also played.

You can find out how to configure this in this article.

How to configure an alarm can be seen in this article:

1.Enable desktop notification in the ManagementClient

→ ManagementClient → Alarms → Alarm Data Settings

You can decide which alarm priority should trigger a desktop notification, furthermore you can select the alarm sound.

Under the point Sound Settings you can add or remove notification sounds.

Activate the Desktop Notification for the DeskClient Profile

→ ManagementClient → Client → Desk Client Profiles

DeskClient profile

Select your profile

Under Settings select Yes

2.Activate the Sound Notification if needed in the DeskClient

→ MxHub DeskClient → Settings → Alarm Manager

Activate the point Play sound notification

On this DeskClient there will be a Desktop Notification with an Alarm Sound everytime a Alarm is triggered.