How to manage Alarms in MOBOTIX HUB DeskClient

If you configure an alarm in ManagementClient, you can view it in MxHub DeskClient and perform further actions.

Here you can find an example of how to create an alarm:

How to handle alarms and which functions you can use are explained in the following steps.

Switch into the Alarm Manager in MxHub DesClient

Click on: Alarm Manager

Here you can view and manage their latest alarms.
If you have configured a recording for the same event that should trigger an alarm, you can also view the recording here.
In this example, the app Vaxtor ALPR was used, which sends an alarm image by default, which is also displayed here.

If you right-click on one of the alarms, you can first decide what to do with the alarm.

  • Acknowledge: “You have viewed the alarm and can confirm them, Alarm is switching into the state “In progess””
  • Set on hold: “You have viewed the alarm and need to take further steps or analyze the alarm further and can put it on hold.”
  • Close: “The alarm has been acknowledged and is done from your side.”

In this menu you have the flexibility to manage your alarms as you see fit.

You can also assigned an alarm to another User.
You can do this by right-clicking on an alarm and select "Edit"

In this menu you can set the following points:

  • Assigned to: “Assign this alarm to another User”
  • State: Set the right state of the alarm
  • Priority: Set the right priority of the alarm

Under Activities you can add some comments, by entering something and click on Add.

You can also create reports in the Alarm Manager to get a better overview.

You can set different filters and select different time periods.
You can save these as a PDF on your PC.