How to update the driver event list in the MOBOTIX HUB

The MxHub offers to use the camera internal events.
However, when a new event is created on the camera, it is currently not updated independently and cannot initially be used in the MxHub.

However, this is possible via a detour.
This article will show you how to proceed.

The important thing to know here is that all other settings in the MxHub are not changed and all recordings etc. are still available.

You can view and use the camera internal events at any time.
→ Recording Servers → Select your camera → Events

Update event list:
1. Create a new Event on the camera
→ In this example I create a new Environment Events TR-NEW

2. Replace the camera in the MxHub with the same camera
→ Recording Server → Right Click on the camera which you want to replace → Replace Hardware


Click Next

Type in the credentials of the camera which is allready in use
In this example I replace the camera with the camera to get the new created event

Click Next

Here you can decide what should be replaced

Click Next

Here you can see an overview of what will be replaced

Click Confirm

When the replacement is finished you should get the following window

Click Close

3. Check in the events if the newly created event exists

Our new created Event is listed into the Driver Event list