How to create an Email-Profile an trigger it by a rule

In MxHub, it is possible to be notified by email after an event.

The following steps will show you how to proceed.

1.Configure Email Server

->ManagementClient → Tools → Options → Mail Server

Fill in the following credentials:

  • Sender e-mail adress: “From which Mail adress should the email be send”
  • Mail server adress: “Fill in your Mail server adress”
  • Mail server port: “Fill in your Mail server port”

when the Server requries a login, the marke the field: Server requires login and fill out your credentials.

Click OK

2.Create a Notification Profile

→ ManagementClient → Rules and Events → Notification Profiles

Right click: Add Notification Profile…

Name your profile: example: GMAIL

Click Next

Fill out the following fields:

  • Recipients: “Who should receive the Mail”
  • Subject: “Set an Subject for this Mail”
  • Message Text: “Here you can define a cutsom text or use variables”

You can also decide to send Images within the Mail or a short AVI clip.

Click Finish

3.Select the Mailprofile within a Rule

ManagementClient → Rules and Events → Rules

Right click: Add Rule…

Now you can decide what should trigger the Rule: acton or a time.

Select: Send notification to < profile > under Step3: Actions

Click on ‘profile’ under Edit rule description.
Select your created Notification Profile

Select Notification

Click on: recording device

Select " Use triggering device" to send the images from the cmaera which has triggered the Rule or select a specific camera und "Select devcies"

Click OK
Click Next

Now the Rule is created and will send a Mail in this case when a Motion is detected by a camera.

Click Finish