How to share MOBOTIX HUB DeskClient Views with other Users

In MxHub DeskClient, it is possible to assign individual views to specific users.

This allows the admin to decide which user is allowed to view which camera and which view.

In this article, you will learn how to configure this

1. Create a new User

→ ManagementClient → Security → Basic Users

Right Click : Create Basic User…


2. Creat a new DeskClient Profile

→ ManagementClient → Client → Desk Client Profiles

Right Click: Add Desk Client Profile…

In this menu you can decide what Right should the User have in the MxHub Desk Client!

3.Create a new Role

→ ManagementClient → Security → Roles

Right Click: Add Role…

Select “Reception” (your configured Desk Client Profile) under Desk Client Profile

Click on "View Group"
Select your View Group and give him the Right: Read

Click on “Device” and Select the cameras which this User is allowed to see.

4.Create a View in MxHub DeskClient with an Admin User

First off all you need to create an View with an Admin User.

It is Important to create a View in the Group “Reception” (Created Role in ManagementClient) so that this will be assigned automaticly to the right User (Reception).

In this example I created a Single View (1x1) for the Group “Reception” with my Admin User and put the Camera S74 into this view!

5. Login with User "Reception"
When login with Reception User he only see the camer which was added in the View Reception!