How to create an Generic Event in MOBOTIX HUB ManagementClient

In the MxHub, you can respond to TCP messages and perform actions.

You can find out how to configure this in this article.

1. Enable and Create an Data Source in Options.
→ ManagementClient → Tools → Options → Generic Events
You can use the default Data Sources or create new ones in this setting.
In this case I used the Data Source “Compatible”.

  • You must enable this data source.
  • Set the port on which the IP Notifies should be received.
  • Choose the right Code.
  • You can decide whether to respond to all IP addresses that send a TCP IP message or only to certain allowed IP addresses.

2. Create a new Generic Event

→ ManagementClient → Rules and Events → Generic Events

→ Right Click : Add New…
=> In this case I’ve named it: IP-Notify (You can assign any name)

Add Event

With the Generic Events you have the possibility to select 3 different types: Search, Match , Regular Expression.

Explanation Expression:
Expression that the system should look out for when analyzing data packages. You can use the following operators:

( ): Used to ensure that related terms are processed together as a logical unit. They can be used to force a certain processing order in the analysis
Example: The search criteria “(TestA OR testB) AND Test” first processes the two terms inside the parenthesis, then combines the result with the last part of the string. So, the system first looks for any packages containing either of the terms TestA or TestB, then takes the results and run through them in order to see which packages also contain the term Sunday.

AND: With an AND operator, you specify that the terms on both sides of the AND operator must be present
Example: The search criteria “TestA AND TestB AND Test” returns a result only if the terms TestA, TestB and Test are all included in your expression. It is not enough for only one or two of the terms to be present. The more terms you combine with AND, the fewer results you retrieve.

OR: With an OR operator, you specify that either one or another term must be present
Example: The search criteria “TestA OR TestB OR Test” returns any results containing either TestA, testB or Test. The more terms you combine with OR, the more results you retrieve.

In order for the event to occur, the received data package must contain exactly the text specified in the Expression field, and nothing else.

Regular Expression
In Order for the event to occur, the text specified in the Expression field must identify specific patterns in the received data packages.

In order for the event to occur, the received data packages must conatin the text specified in the Expression field, but may aso have more content.

Example: If you have specified that the received package should contain the terms TestA or TestB, the event is triggered if the received package contains the terms TestA or TestB and Test since your two required terms are contained in the received package

3. Create a Rule that triggers when the Generic Event arrive

→ ManagementClient → Rules and Events → Rules

Now we try it, with an Recording Rule as an example.

→ Right Click : Add Rule…
→ Name it for exampe: TCP Recording

Click on Perform an action on < event >
Click on "event" under Edit the rule description
Click on External EventsGeneric Events → Choose the Event: IP-Notify

Select an Event

Click: OK

Click: Next 2 Times

Choose: Start recording on < devices >
Click on “recording device” under Edit the rule description
Click on: Select devices

Select the device which should start an recording after receiving the IP-Notify

camera choose

Click Next

You can now decide whether another event should end the recording or whether the recording should have a certain length.

I’ve choosed "Perform stop action after < time >"

Click: Finish

Testtool for Generic Events:

There is a TestTool for Generic Events (TCP/IP TestTool)
You can download it under:

Here you can see how this Tool works and that the ManagementClient receives the IP-Notify: