How to playback recording from a harddrive

We pulled a recording from a sever onto a harddrive.

I am trying to playback these recordings via MxManagement center but when i have the drive plugged in. I dont see any options to pull in the recordings.

These are not exported recordings, these are the base recordings files directly from the sever.

How do you access direct recording files like this?


In the MxMC you hav to log in as admin and then click on the “+” icon on the bottom left corner. You can see many options to add different types of media (clip, recording, MxFFS Medium, Clip/Recording group).
If you have normal playable clips in VLC media player, use Clip/Recording group option ans select folder which contain your clips.

These are files directly from sever. The cameras are set to store recording via SMB/CIFS File Server. We directly copied the directory they are stored in off the Linux Server onto an external hard drive as we needed to maintain the timeframe of those recordings. As it was 4TB of footage, we couldn’t just export a recording for an entire month.

I have tried to use each of those options, but none seem to work with the raw recording files.

Hello mqoh,

the harddrive should behave the same way as the server after you copied the files.
If the the harddrive is detected by your OS, you can add a new fileserver in MxMC and use “Add Local” to sepecify the path the copied files are placed.
After you need to set a camera (or dummy one) to use this fileserver. You should than be able to access the recordings.