How to disable Privacy Mode?

The Privacy Mode allows you to lock access to the cameras and suspend recordings for a certain amount of time or till you want to restore the normal behavior of your system. This could be the case, for instance, when you want to guarantee that no one can watch nor record the guests who are visiting your house.

Privacy mode is signaled on the cameras with a change in the LED flashing pattern and can be activated in three different ways:

  • via MxManagementCenter
  • via MxApp
  • via MxEasy

It is important to know that there is a difference between the privacy mode generated by MxApp / MxManagementCenter and the one generated by MxEasy.

If the privacy mode has been activated with MxApp or MxManagementCenter, the privacy mode is time-controlled and reverts after the defined period. This privacy mode can be as well deactivated by just rebooting the camera.

If privacy mode has been activated with MxEasy, there are two options to deactivate it:

  • MxEasy shows a dialog window where a temporary user name and password can be noted when activating privacy mode. With this user credentials, you can access http(s)://camera-IP/admin/privacymode and deactivate the privacy mode.,

  • If those credentials have not been noted during the activation of the privacy mode, the camera needs to be reset to factory defaults either with the hardware procedure. After resetting the camera to factory defaults, the camera can be accessed again with the user credentials valid before the activation of the privacy mode.
    If a configuration backup is available it’s possible to restore the camera settings (Admin Menu > Restore last stored configuration from flash) but in this case it’s recommended to exclude the section “Security (users, passwords)” when importing the configuration file.