Doorbell - remote stations configuration not saved correctly

Hey everyone, this is my first post here.
I am trying to figure out how to configure doorbell remote stations on mxeasy.
I know it’s legacy and no support is given, nontheless I’ve inherited this system and I do intend to make it work.

Now, my problem is the following.
When I modify some or all remote station in my configuration and save it everything seems fine, but when I restart mxeasy my remote station configuration is all messed up, some remote stations disappear completely, others are empty but with "simultaneously / after " still present.

My goal is to copy my configuration to other clients, so we all have the same config, but I can’t do this if I can’t even save my own configuration.

Am I doing something wrong ?
Thank you in advance to any good soul who responds to my call for help.

The issue that you are experiencing is due to changes in the camera’s firmware. MxEasy was originally designed to be able to modify the concierge section of the configuration. This was discontinued in later firmware versions. The easiest option is to change to MxMC. Even when using MxMC, it will be necessary to complete the auto configuration process on the camera.

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Hey, thanks a lot for your reply, it did really help me to understand the issue.

I do now have totally disabled “auto configuration” from the web interface.
I am now ignoring mxeasy for configuration and making configuration changes from the web interface.

May I ask why on one camera i do see the “Set Remote Stations for Door Station” settings, and not on the other one?
They have the same hardware.

This is what i should see on both of them

Thank youu

Oh well, I did found how to make it appear, I just had to press “more” on the bottom right of the page :rofl:

You will still need to complete the auto configuration process via the cameras bell(T24/T25) or light(T26) button and then configure the IP notifications for MxEasy manually in the camera. We have a guide for this. It is probably easiest if you open a support ticket over and ask for the Door Station Configuration guide.

Fred, I want to thank you for your support.

I do have a final question,
I may be wrong, but isn’t MxEasy replaced by MxManagementCenter?
I mean, shoud we use MxManagementCenter on our computers?

Anyway i will open a support ticket as you suggested
Thank you again

Sasso ,

you are correct. MxMC has replaced MxEasy. It is recommended to use MxMC.