How to download Service Report from MxManagementCenter?

In order to help the troubleshooting process performed by MOBOTIX Technical Support, it is beneficial to include MxManagementCenter Service Report Files .

The option to download the Service Report is automatically offered when the application crashes or restarts unexpectedly. However you can also manually extract the Service Report

To do that you need to activate the Debug Mode in MxMc.


Restart MxMc so that the settings take effect.

Then after a problem appears, start MxMc again and press and hold the gearwheel in the upper right corner for about 5 seconds until the Service Report dialog pops up.

gearwheel ServiceReport

The Service Report can either be sent directly via E-Mail if an mail client is installed on the machine or it can be stored on the local computer. If Save (on local computer) is your choice, you will find the report files on your desktop within a folder named “Mobotix”.

The Service Report is a collection of encrypted files containing diagnostic information about the installation and the configuration of MxManagementCenterwhich. Only MOBOTIX Tech Support has the tools to decrypt and analyze such files.

A Service Report can be obtained either as Administrator or as a normal user.


Since the 2.2.0 version of ManagementCenter there also another way to get a service report.

Help --> Debug --> Create Service Report