How to enable SNMP on bulk of camera's

We have lots of Mobotix camera’s. We also want to use SNMP to discover the camera’s and the details. But SNMP is disabled on all camera’s. To avoid going to each camera and enable SNMP V2 with public as community string, I hoped there was a way via Remote configuration.

But Looking into serveral sites and the onboard Help, I cannot find it. Hopefully somebody here can give me advice how to do this?

thanks in advance, Peter

Hey @Besemer ,
you can use the MxMC Configuration to send the same configuration to several cameras.
See the following screenshot.
Conifgure one camera and the you can move the cameras via drag&drop to the same setting on the left side.

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OK, that sounds great!. But will it change only the SNMP setting, because all camera’s are on different locations and has already been configured with other network settings. We have several different types of Mobotix also, 24,25, 26 etc.