MOBOTIXT26 mx-x-x-x-x

anyone experiencing about the T26 camera didn’t display in browser, I have 3 unit of T26 with the same problem when I open the box and plug it to Poe switch and access through web browser, it’s required me to change the password and after that I didn’t see the camera,

I have 6 unit in total with the same model, but the 3 is working properly and the 3 is not,

Any idea about my case?

Thank You


Hi mmosende, and welcome to the MxCommunity forums!

You may try performing a reboot on the T26’s that you are not able to connect to. I would recommend to try searching for the cameras as below;

You can connect to any MOBOTIX camera by using their factory serial number 10.x.x.x/ or using the search function in MxManagementCenter.

If, by chance you have initiated the Autoconfiguration process, please keep in mind that this usually would cause the T26 to obtain a IP Address and host a DHCP server - It is possible that your other T26 units may now be sitting on a dynamic IP address. You may need to disconnect all other T26’s from your network and connect them one by one and confirm their network settings. It also helps to do this on an isolated network that does not have anything else within the LAN except your PC and T26.

I hope this helps!

Thanks for reply.
I don’t have problem about the IP and other settings of mobotix T26, the problem I encountered is only the camera no video display, but the Sip Server and client is working.

Please see attach.

Thank you


Hello @mmosende ,

the Emergency Mode is avaiable when the internal RTC Battery is a little bit discharged.
So please do the following steps:

  1. The T26 should be connected via PoE at least for min. 3-6h.
  2. Set the date&time to the current dates -> Save the settings permanently
  3. Disconnect the PoE Connection to the T26 and restart it

Then you should be able to see the Liveimage and you can start an Autoconfiguration.