Factory Reset of the T26 Door Station

In those rare instances when the T26 becomes unreachable it is possible to perform a factory default reset by external means. This will not, as with all Mobotix cameras, reset the admin password of the camera.

Also be aware that all configuration will be lost by this process. The MxBus modules such as the Keypad or MxDoor Master will need to be manually reset and a new auto configuration will be necessary.

  1. Cycle power camera by removing the network cable and reconnecting

  2. when the Red LED lights press the light button briefly. It should be flashing 1x per second.

  3. Press briefly once again so that if flashes 2x per second

  4. Press and hold the light button (more then 2 seconds)

  5. In about 30-45 seconds you will hear a boing sound from camera speaker.

  6. Now you should be able access on the Factory Default IP address

The configuration will revert to previous settings if the camera is rebooted or power cycled before the configuration is stored permanently. You can do this by going to Admin Menu > Configuration > Store

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