How to move the MOBOTIX HUB SQL Database to a new SQL Server in a distributed installation

In some cases it may happen that the SQL Server moves within a domain or a new one is set up.

In this case, the Mobotix HUB cannot access the old SQL database directly at first.

This must be backed up from the “old” SQL Server and imported into the new SQL Server.

How this has to be done, you can see in this article.

SQL Server used: SQL Server Express 2019

Requirement for this article:

MOBOTIX HUB distributed installation

1) Create a SQL Database Backup of your currently running MxHub System

Download and install SQL Server Management Studio

After installing, open SQL Server Management Studio

Search for the Surveillance Database → Right Click on it → Tasks → Back Up…

Click OK

After successfully backuped your database, copy it to your new System

By default the backup is made in the following destination

C:\ProgramData\MOBOTIX\HUB Management Server\BackupFolder

2) Restore SQL Database in the new SQL Server

Open your new SQL Server with SQL Server Management Studio

Right Click on Databases → Restore Database…


Click on Device and browse for your Surveillance.bak Database of your “old” SQL Server.

Click OK

Click OK

Update SQL Adress of the ManagementServer


Click Next

Select your new SQL Server

Click Next

Select the Surveillance Database

Click Select

After some minutes you should receive the following message

Click OK

So now you have your “old” configuration of your MxHub but a new SQL Server.

All new settings are now stored on the new SQL Server