How to create a new Database (Config)

In some cases it is advantageous to create a new configuration.
Since the configuration is stored in an SQL database, it cannot be easily deleted.

To do this, proceed as follows.

1.Run the Installer of the MxHub
2.Select Installation Type : Custom

3.Select the Microsoft SQL Server which you want to use.

4.Select the Database.
You have 3 possibilities in this case:
→ Create a new database
→ Use the “old” database
→ Overwrite the “old” database

Now you have to decide what do you want to do.

  1. Create a new database to have the old on as a "Backup?
  2. Overwrite the “old” database to delete the old configuration?
  3. Use the old database and only reinstall the MxHub?

In some cases, the field “Custom” is not usable/selectable, when running the Installer while a instance is installed on the PC.
Then you have to remove the current installation and reinstall the MxHub.
Then you can decide what to do with the “old” configuration.