Install or Update MOBOTIX HUB 2021R1

Installing a new MOBOTIX HUB Version involves uninstalling all components (with the exception of the Database Server), and then installing their newer versions. As long as you have a backup of the surveillance system database and do not remove the Database Server component, you will not need to reconfigure your VMS system in any way.

In preparation for installing MOBOTIX HUB 2021R1 over a MOBOTIX HUB 2020R3 installation, you will need:

  • previously completed Advanced Service License for the 2020R3 version
  • subsequently completed Advanced Service Opt IN License
  • a new Software License Code (SLC) for MOBOTIX HUB 2021R1
  • The initial *.LIC file
  • The current version of software (this can be downloaded anytime from

MOBOTIX HUB example before we upgrade it: MOBOTIX HUB 2020R3

1) Uninstall the current installed MOBOTIX HUB Version

Windows: Control Panel → Programs → Programs and Features

Select MOBOTIX HUB VMS VersionNumber and click on Uninstall

Note: When you have installed the MxHub in a distributed installation you have to deinstall the ManagementServer first and the install the new ManagementServer. Afterwards you can do it step by step with the other Servers and components!!

in this example we Upgrade the MOBOTIX HUB 2020R3 to MOBOTIX HUB 2021R1

Select Uninstall all MOBOTIX HUB VMS 2020 R3 components

Click Continue

Select Keep media archives

Click Continue

After a while the Uninstallation is completed

Click Close

2) Install the new MOBOTIX HUB Version

Start the MOBOTIX HUB installer

Select your language for the installation part

Click Continue

Accept the MOBOTIX license Agreement

Click Continue

Browse for your new License for the new MOBOTIX HUB Version

Click Continue

Click on Single Computer

Select all Components which you want to install

Click Continue

Assign a mobile server data protection password, to encrypt your investigations

Click Continue

Click Continue

Select an encryption or Click Continue

Install the new Version on the exact same location of the older version

Click Install

Click Continue to add new cameras to the new HUB
Click Close to finish the upgrade

After the Installation of the new MOBOTIX HUB Version is finished
Open the ManagementClient and you will see that the configuration is the same as before