How to play a sound on another camera using an HTTP IP Notify

In the following example we will see how to send an IP notify message to another camera with the instructions to play a sound file called “Alarm”. Camera B does not require any configuration because the sound file “Alarm” is pre-loaded in the software from factory.

NOTE: with HTTP CGI commands it is NOT possible to execute multiple actions on the target camera. To do that please refer to Sending a plain text message to trigger an IP Receive event on a remote camera

Configuration on Camera A (sender)

Go to Admin Menu >> IP Notify Profiles and create a new profile as shown in the picture.

Select “Custom Configuration” as a “Predefined Configuration”, type the IP address of the recipient camera followed by the web server port (i.e. 80), select “HTTP/1.0 Request” as a “Transfer Protocol”. The CGI path contains the path where the script responsible for the action is located (i.e. /control/rcontrol). The HTTP Authentication token contains the user name and the password of a user with sufficient rights to execute the action on the remote camera. Type the command you want to execute in the “Message” text box: action=sound&soundfile=Alarm.

NOTE: When you type the command make sure that there are no white spaces or empty lines before or after the command. Press “Set” to apply the settings.

Go to Setup Menu >> General Event Settings and enable the Arming.

Goto Setup Menu >> Events Overview and click on the “Edit” button in the “Image Analysis Event” section. Create a new Video Motion profile or modify one of the pre-configured profiles.

Go to Setup Menu >> Action Group Overview and create a new Action Group.

The Action Group will be activated by Video Motion events and it will trigger the IP Notify profile called “PlaySound”.

Could you do this with a custom sound file?

I uploaded to both cameras a sound file called Alarm2 in Manage Audio Messages. However, it does not play this sound file when I changed the action=sound&soundfile=Alarm to action=sound&soundfile=Alarm2. It does work with the uploaded Alarm sound file I uploaded to both cameras.

Thanks for any help here.


Whilst its a great idea (must say Ive never done it that way myself); I personally would use the MxMessageSystem to do this. That way you could:

  1. create and upload the same sound file to multiple cameras and then
  2. create a MXM for your needs as global
  3. configure IPReceive events (for MXM) on cameras you wish to play
  4. add IPR events to action group/s with resulting action of playing your sound files.

This way you could use MXMs to actuate same/different sounds whenever you like on whichever camera. Only issue is you need to make sure camera times are synchronised (MXMessage system needs accurate timing) so best to use one Camera (your master) as an NTP server and your slaves all access that. Other issue imho is that theres no way of knowing receipt (other than sound itself) as MXMs arent registered in System Messages like IPNs are.

Still, I use the MXM system all the time without too many issues.

Hope that helps;)