HOW-TO] Set up remote access for the Move NVR

In order to view the Move NVR’s cameras and recordings even if you are not on the local network, you must set up remote access.

The following ports of the Move-NVR must be forwarded in the router/firewall.

HTTP Port: 80 (default) RTSP Server: 554 (default)

The ports above are the standard ports. Of course, if you have changed these, you will need to forward the appropriate port.

You can find the configured ports, for example, on the web interface in Settings > Network > Ethernet > Ports

A homin ,  20210920 A4 07981

1. Forward ports

As an example, port forwarding was implemented in a FritzBox. For your model router refer to manufactures instructions.

The internal port 80 was forwarded to the external port 5000. You can freely choose the external port.

Do the same for the RTSP server. The internal port 554 was forwarded to the external port 5001. You can freely choose the external port.


This then looks like this:


2. Configure Move-NVR app

Open the app and click on the “Bookmark” icon


Click on the “+” symbol at the top and enter the remote access details into the app.

  1. Name: “Freely selectable”
  2. Address: “Enter the remote URL” (e.g. DynDNS address or MyFritz! address IMPORTANT: without HTTP at the beginning!!Port: “Enter the forwarded HTTP port
  3. RTSP port: “ Enter the forwarded RTSP server port”
  4. User: “NVR user”
  5. Password: “NVR user password”

Site bearbeiten

You will now see the NVRs that have been created in the app. In this example, the NVR was added once locally and once remotely

192.108 1239

Now click on the “camera symbol” and then long press on one of the “+” symbols


Now select the “Site” which is the NVR that you want to view

Liveansicht Site wahlen

Now you can select which of the NVR cameras you want to add to the layout

Site wanlen Kanal auswahlen

Now you should be able to view the selected camera remotely.