How to take a network trace

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A MOBOTIX camera has a built-in network utility to generate network traces. These traces could be necessary in case of:

  • Camera not registering to a SIP Server or PBX
  • Video clients disconnecting from the camera
  • Camera notifications not reaching the VMS

Generating the network trace

In order to generate the network trace:

Step 1. Access the camera web interface

Step 2. Click on the Admin menu soft button.

Step 3. Click on Download Support Information

Step 4. Down at the bottom you will find a link to download the network trace. Click the link here and a new TCP Dump page will open up.

Step 5. The TCP Dump page can be used to create the network trace. It can also be accessed directly via the following link:

Step 6. Leave the default parameters on and click on Start/Stop down at the bottom.

  • A download will start with the following filename camera_ip.cap

  • As the capture is running the radio button remains Yellow.

  • The capture can be manually interrupted pressing the Start/Stop button to avoid unnecessary data.

Step 7. Trigger the service, command or action which you want to record while the capture is taking place.


We want to know why the camera does not register to a SIP Server. Then:

  1. Open the Admin Menu > SIP Client Settings
  2. Click the Set button while the network trace is ongoing

  1. Then the network trace will contain the registration of the camera on the external SIP server.

Step 8. Interrupt the capture or wait for it to end and share the file with Support along with the Support files and the description of the problem.