Indoor camera with Audio has loud crackling sound when Echo Cancellation is enabled

When using indoor models c, i, v and p as Intercom with SIP phones, cracking noise might appear on SIP phone.

Increasing the “Duration” of the “Intercom Settings” in the configuration is a way to get rid of the noise.

To do this

  1. open the cameras configuration editor (/admin/showconfig?edit)
  2. search for the entry “mutetime1” in section “audionotify”
  3. a value of 30000 turned out to silence the noise completely
  4. “Accept” the changes
  5. got to the “Incoming Calls Settings” (admin/audio_callin)
  6. the value is now shown as the selected entry in the “Duration” selection
  7. click the “Set” button to activate the setting
  8. adjust the value starting in steps of 5000 if necessary