IP address conflict

I have a camera i fixed her IP address, but after a while it change to another camera IP, it happen a lot of times like it showing in the screenshot.

Hey @Pintolinno ,
did you saved the configuration permanently after changing the ip-adress of the camera?
Does it happens after a camera reboot?

Yea i do save it, and no it happen after a week or two weeks

@Pintolinno is the “Additional IPv4 Address” deactivated? Since you are using the 10.x.x.x IP range this might be the cause of your problem.

Yea it’s deactivated.
Should i activate it ??

Btw every time it happen this problem i find the Additional IPv4 active or On

No it should be “Off” make sure you store the configuration permanently and that you reboot the camera afterwards.
Does this happens after an automatic reboot?

yea it happen after automatic reboot, but after a while like a week or more

if it happens after the weekly reboot (this happends every monday) that means that the configuration isnt proparly stored.
Store the config as described above and see if this problem persists. If you still have issues get in contact with mobotix support at this email address support@mobotix.com

Ok thx for answering me