Emergency mode problème

Good evening everyone,
We installed Mobotix D14 cameras years ago at one of our customers; the problem with the cameras is that very often they display the message emergency mode.
I want to ask you, very humbly, to help me remedy this. Thank you


Where is it displaying emergency mode? In the browser interface? What causes it to display this mode or does it display it all the time?

What happens when you reboot the camera?

Emergency mode is displayed on the browser, as well as on the management software. the display is permanently. when the camera is rebooted from the interface the problem is not solved, it is necessary to disconnect the network cable from the POE switch before the camera starts to display the images normally. this solution does not help me because I may have to go to the customer several times in the same week. not at all good for me and for the customer. for the causes, I do not know what it may be due to.

@Medegan emergency mode means that the internal camera battery is empty. That could be caused because the camera was not powered for a long period of time, from a defect POE Switch that causes often Power Fails (this could result in the long run complete battery failure).

To fix this you should do the following steps:

  1. Leave the camera to charge for at least 24+ hours. (Check System Up time in Camera status menu to be sure you dont have a defective Switch)

  2. Set the time again even if it is correct.

  3. Temporally cut the power directly from the POE Switch.

Its important that everyone of this steps its done. After you are done and the camera is still in emergency mode send a camera report to support-intl@mobotix.com

After the process is successfully finished, if the camera is in POE class 2 you can change in to class 3 . (cut of power is also required in order to take effect)