ManagementCenter shows camera in guest mode

ManagementCenter checks the cameras Group Access Control List while adding it to the system.
Should public access be allowed in the cameras Admin Menu–> Security–> Group Access Control List,
Management Center will display a warning message:
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This notice appears in order to make the user or installer aware of a potential security issue and shows how to remedy this situation.
While public access to the camera is allowed, anyone could potentially gain access to live image and footage of this camera via browser or installing another instance of ManagementCenter. In a secured environment with different levels of user permissions for live or playback access, this poses a strong security risk.

If “Secure connection” is selected, MC will only connect to the camera using guest credentials.
Live image display will be possible to the extend the camera will allow , but playback and export of footage will be prohibited. Export will not be enabled in this type of access.
In order to symbolise this, the camera will have a small icon above it in the device bar and in the Camera/Camera Group Bar:

If “Unsecure Connection” was selected, ManagementCenter will not display any images from this camera.
Installers with different project data or cameras from different customers or sites might want to go on with this, but in an actual project you will need to secure the camera.
One can

  • Manually disable public access by altering the cameras Group Access Control list. It is sufficient to click “Disable all”:

  • Use ManagementCenter’s “Secure System” function in the Wizards and Tools section for maximum security:
    Connect to the camera using the “unsecure connection” again, enter “Wizards and Tools”, select “Secure System”