Maximum "shown" (internal) temperature

I use a S15D as a door station which resides inside a wall, so the sun only shines on the sensors and the keypad.
3 questions:

  1. The temperature shown by “the camera”: is it the temperature of the sensor (which one?) or the temperature inside the S15D body?

  2. The S15 manual says it can “operate in a temperature range of –30 to +60 °C/–22 to +140 °F.” Does this limit rely to the temperature outside (we will hopefully never reach +60°C in Europe…) or to the temperature as shown by the camera (which currently shows +50°C at an ambient (outside) temperature of ~30°C?

  3. What happens if the camera reaches on of these limits? Will it shutdown automatically to prevent any damage? If yes, will it also start automatically as soon as it has cooled down?

actually the temperature is the one inside the camera but you can also put a probe on the outside, with regard to the temperature range ‘’ optimal ‘’ for a good functioning of the camera, which can support extreme temperatures but only on short moments.

I forgot to point out that it is important to calibrate the temperature and perform the adjustment in the parameters. also a link to see the robuteste of ‘’ Mobotix ‘’

This camera supports 10 years running 24 hours until lightning struck.
Temperature records of up to -30º and winds of 210KM / h.
Without any type of maintenance.
Snowfall of up to 6 mtrs.

You can see in the image how the shelter is totally buried in the snow.
This is in Picos de Europa-Spain

Regarding the temperature you can create an off-set by removing the information from a nearby station.
It will always be an approximation, but it can serve as a reference.
The M15 or M16 incorporate a very reliable external sensor except when the sun is directly on the sensor.
You can see operated the real-time temperature inserted in the image.
Mobotix in live stream

In the player you will see a red line you can go back to the recording of the last 12 hours and observe the temperature data.