T26 unable to reach


I have installed T26 camera module only, I have followed the auto-configuration steps and the camera has announced the IP address. then when I’m trying to connect to the camera using web browser or Mx Soft panel it’s unreachable. in Mx soft panle I get “Connection Error”

Any help would be appreciated

Hello @deyaanoor,

did you try to connect via the default ip-adress of the T26? 10.x.x.x?
Is your PC in the same ip-range like the T26? 192.168.0.x?

Yes I tried both and the default 10.XX.XX.XX

I have changed the PC IP in both cases but no luck

is the T26 connected via Mx2Wire or directly via a LAN-cable?

Did you try to reset the T26 via bootoptions?

Disconnect the T26.
Connect it again.
Wait for the red leds.
Push the light-button 1x and the a second time.
Now it should flash 2 times in a row.
Then push the light button a little bit longer and wait until it flashes fast for 3-4 times.
The the T26 will be reseted to default settings.

Then try to connect to the T26.

I have retested the camera and ran the auto-configuration again. I noticed if I connect the camera to my PC directly during the auto-configuration after the bell sound it announce “Error 1”
If I connect the camera to my network it announce the IP address and the subnet mask then the Bell and Light buttons stays on.
And still I can not reach the camera via MX Soft Panel or MX Management Centre or the web browser.

It seems that the T26 has a damage…
It should be reachable with his default-ip-adresse, with and without autoconfiguration.

Error 1 means, that the internal RTC Battery is discharged and should be loaded for some hours.
Normally you should load it and set the Date&Time new and cut the power then, after that the T26 should be working fine.
But when you can’t connect to the T26 it seems that there is a failure in the hardware.

I will leave the camera powered until tomorrow and try again
If it works I’ll let you know if it didn’t I will contact Mobotix support next Monday.

Thanks @Mx-MaikC for the tips

Hello deyaanoor and welcome to the MxCommunity forums!

My only other suggestion here, would be to disconnect the T26 from the network/power temporarily and try to ping - to check if another network device is already sitting on this IP address.

If upon reconnecting the T26 you then start to have successful pings - this should assume that you should also be able to access the camera directly via the web browser.

It is worth noting that the subnet for the following should be used:
Factory IP 10.x.x.x -
Autoconfig IP: -
and that your PC should be using the same subnet range.

I hope this helps