Problems with SMB / User or password might be wrong

I have encountered problems where the NAS / server has been exchanged and the camera has not been able to log in to the new share with the old credentials or any new credentials created. Nevertheless when tested from a windows / Linux machine the share has been accessible with the same credentials. Firmware’s are up to date. The smb-version on the recording devices has been limited to 2/3 with no effect.
Anyone else with the same problem and more importantly have you been able to work around this issue?
Thanks in advance for any input.

Please open a ticket with support for this issue and attach the Support files and a Network trace when you press the File Server Test button.


  • do you have a camera with a different firmware version which is able to access the same fileserver? Please send the dump and network trace if available.
  • which OS and version is running in the fileserver?
  • is there a windows domain? are you using a local user?

There is a support ticket open already. I was more like addressing the community to get an idea of how common this problem is. I have experienced this with Freenas 9.10.2.-U2 and above. The customer case is about DellEMC ISILON.
In their case they’ve already gone through two predecessing NAS systems without problems but now they ran into this.
My workaround was to limit the version of OS to the last working one, but as we all know it’s not viable long term solution due to cyber security issues.

According to the FreeNAS forum the update to 9.10.2-U2 might have caused issues with the SMB permissions.

You could try adding the following to the Admin Menu > Edit configuration file (for experts) in

SECTION fileserver
ENDSECTION fileserver

a network trace would give us more information about the negotiation between camera and file server and the options enabled on the server side. It might be easier to get the CIFS configuration file instead.

With the level of segmentation, due to the different versions and customization options available in CIFS and the different MOBOTIX camera models and software lines we would need more details to determine if there is a common problem.

I’ll do some more testing once I get a chance and will get back on this. Thanks for the help so far.

In the customer case there’s no 5.x firmware cameras. Only 3.x and 4.x. They are the latest. Here is the result of file server test:

Fileserver Test Log
Note: There is no output in the main window while the test is running!

Starting File Server Test.

Trying to mount [masked]$ on "[masked].fi" using "CIFS" as user [masked].[masked].
Failed to mount directory/share.
Error: 6
The user name or the password is not correct!

Test result:
The file server is NOT usable!

[masked] are masked alphabetical strings.
Still the share is accessible from a windows workstation using the same credentials.


do both lines.
CIFS_MOUNT_OPTION=domain=SERVER_NAME (can be ip address)

If that does not work it maybe worth adding:



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