Mx 6 series with whatsapp integration


Is there integration / solution for mx6 camera and Whatsapp/telegram.
e.g. Send event/noitification via Whatsapp/telegram.

Thank you

HI ridz,

with the absence of support for these social platforms on the cameras, it will not be possible to do this with only the cameras internal means.

I did a bit of searching and found an whole industry for commercial applications to deliver Whatsapp and other chat APP content via API.
For example:


None of these providers offer their services for free.
As far as i can tell, you might want to investigate in sending the message via IP-notify to one of these API providers and then find a way on how to do automatic sending of the text sent by the cam into the desired social feed.
This is not a direct refference to this service, but it gives you an idea of what will be required for your solution.

This link on chat-apis webpage gives some examples of how to se up the API for the messenger service:


hi Dirk,

     Thanks for replying and sharing. i remember sometimes ago a partner in india did this. Just wondering if it was shared or mobotix  have done a similar solution.

Much appreciated.

Thanks again.