MX-DoorMaster does not ring and/or does not open the door

If the Door Master (aka Door Opener) does not ring anymore, but emits a noise or clickering sound instead, it might be because the backup battery of the doormaster is flat. Another typical symptom of a flat battery is a flashing red LED on the front of the Door Master.

First, please make sure that the doormaster is properly connected to the MxBus. This can be checked under Admin Menu > Manage MxBus Modules. Here, the MX-DoorMaster must be displayed as “Running”.

If the MX-DoorMaster does not show up here, please check the connection of the MxBus and the cabling on doorstation and DoorMaster side. Moreover ensure that the camera is set to PoE Class 3; this can be checked under Admin Menu > Ethernet Interface.

If the MX-DoorMaster is properly connected, the battery might be defective. In this case, please get in touch with your dealer to get a new battery.

A defective backup battery can be identified when measuring the open-circuit voltage while not connected to the Mx-DoorMaster and the voltage is below 4V.