MxBus connection fails

If the communication between the camera and MxBus modules is not consistent or the modules tend to lose the connection, it’s advisable to check the following points:

Is the MxBus cable properly connected to all MxBus modules and to the camera?

  • Make sure that the MxBus cable is connected in a proper way to all modules and check if there are any loose contacts due to not enough tightened connection terminals.

Cable specification

  • For MxBus, it is recommended to use solid wire (YSTY) with conductor diameter 0.6mm - 0.8mm.
  • Twisted pairs is mandatory for the MxBus cable.
  • The maximum recommended length of MxBus is 100m in total.
  • Fine stranded wire is not recommended. However, if fine stranded wire is used instead of solid core wire, make sure that wire end ferrules are used and the cable is having the necessary conductor diameter.

Check the cabling for resistance and continuity.

Check for possible crosstalk from parallel running wires (e.g. a DSL line or something similar).

  • It is not recommended to lay other cables right next to the MxBus as this can lead to crosstalk between parallel cables.
  • If crosstalk seems to be the cause of the problem, try to deactivate the parallel running line for a while to see if the MxBus connection becomes stable.

Is there an MxInfoModule connected to the bus?

  • If there is a MxInfoModule in the installation, please disconnect the MxInfoModule from MxBus and check if the MxBus connection is now stable. If this is the case, please contact MOBOTIX support for a replacement of the MxInfoModule.

Note: This does not apply to the MxInfo2Wire+ module.

If the steps above do not help to fix the problem, please contact your dealer with a detailed description of the installation and attach a camera report file to your request.