Hello MOBOTIX community,

I’m contacting you because I can’t find a solution to our problem with our integrator in France. We installed a MOBOTIX installation with 217 cameras two years ago and we regularly have MXMC software crashes when searching video records.
The system include :

  • 217 cameras including : P26 / V26B / S16 / D26B / M16B / SD-340-IR
  • 6 MOBOTIX NAS - each 8 bays
  • Mxmc version 2.7
  • Image wall: 4 screens managed by 2 PCs DELL PRECISION 3630 i7 / NVIDIA QUADRO P400
  • CCTV operating station: 3 DELL PRECISION 3620 i7 / 16GB RAM / NVIDIA QUADRO P2200 stations
    The crash occurs when the recordings are searched. I was able to recover the logs and send them to a specialist.

Thanks for your reply

Hey there!
We had similar crashes and it was because of network issues. We found a lot of corrupted packets on the NAS (network logs).
Also, are you getting material directly from NAS or “via camera”?

Hey Bosko,
MXMC connected for play back to NAS. Who did you find the corrupted packets ?

Does it happen on any camera playback or only on specific cameras? Are different cameras connected to different NAS servers?
I did not understand the question you asked. If you mean “where”, we found the corrupted packets in NAS logs.

yes, that happen on any camera and yes different cameras connected to different NAS servers.
Oh, yes ! i mean “where” you found corrupted packets in NAS logs.