MOBOTIX Not Working With New NAS

I’m frustrated beyond words! I installed a new v26 early 22 and a new Synology NAS mid 22. Now when the customer has a crime, there is no footage. MOBOTIX blame it on “network issues” of course.

I was advised by my supplier to use the Buffered MXFFS Archive as the Primary Target and the MXFFS Archive Target as the SMB/CIFS File Server ( the Synology NAS ).

Problem is MXMC is incapable of searching for and retrieving any footage. This despite the 2GB files appearing to be on the NAS.

MOBOTIX keep claiming corrupted files but that seems like a convenient cop-out to me. Why should these files be corrupted? New camera, new NAS!

Anybody got any idea how I can get at the footage which is there according to the camera’s Event List and according to the time line in playback in MXMC?

If data is indeed corputed you might have hard time geting it back.
But is MxMC configured to get data via camera or from storage directly?
If yes later, you could try event download option from camera directly.

are you sure the images are on the NAS?
If they are not there, the NAS must be set to SMB1

Hello, you have to change 2 things:
1 . Smb version 1 as a minimum requirement
2. Activate NTLMv1 under the SMB settings

here is a whole article from me in German about the problem: