No connection to the camera or MxDisplay

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What to do if the camera or MxDisplay are not reachable

If the camera is not reachable on the network or you are suffering network interruptions follow these steps:

Check the PoE switch LEDs

Verify that there is traffic in the PoE switch. Usually there are two LEDs , one monitors the power and the second one monitors the network.
The camera must be powered to have connection.

Reset the camera to factory settings

In order to discard network configuration problems try first a hardware reset of the camera. This procedure is detailed in the camera manual or quick installation guide.
The camera can start with the factory IP which is printed on a sticker on the camera and with an IP lease as DHCP client.

Ping the camera

If the camera has a speaker it will announce the IP. Try pinging the camera with a constant ping.

ping -t <cameras_ip>

To exclude a problem in the network configuration connect your computer to the same switch the camera is connected to and remove the uplink for the switch.

Try another camera on the same port

To determine if the issue is on the camera or in the port , try with a different working MOBOTIX camera on the same port.

If the second camera does not drop then the problem will be on the camera.

Try a different cable and port on the switch

Similarly to discard a problem with a defective port or cable try with a known working cable and port on the switch.


If the camera is unreachable or dropping out of the network contact your installer or distributor to obtain an RMA.