Product won't start up or it's unreachable via network

In case a MOBOTIX product such as a camera or an MxDisplay does not start up or cannot be reached via network, the followings checks need to be done:

  • Is the product PoE capable?
    All products except M1, M10, D10, V10 and V12 are at least IEEE802.3af compliant. The aforementioned models can only be powered with the black NPA set but not via an IEEE802.3 compliant PoE switch or PoE injector.

  • Is the power sourcing equipment (PSE) PoE compliant?
    All PoE compliant products an only be powered via PoE, but not via any other proprietary power sourcing equipment (e.g. the black NPA set or CISCO Enhanced PoE).

  • Is the power sourcing equipment (PSE) powerful enough?
    It is mandatory that the PSE provides the PoE class the product is requesting (e.g. requesting PoE class 3 on a PSE capable only PoE class 2 will result in a non-functional product).
    It is important to note that the total capacity of the PSE is adequate for all products attached to the PSE (e.g. 5 cameras with PoE class 3 on a switch only capable to deliver 60W PoE power will result in one camera randomly malfunctioning).

  • Is Energy Efficient Ethernet (IEEE802.3az) active on the power sourcing equipment (PSE)?
    P6 camera models with firmware version lower than were not running stably on PSE where Energy Efficient Ethernet is activated. It is recommended to upgrade those cameras to firmware or higher. In case this is not possible, Energy Efficient Ethernet needs to be turned off on the port of the switch where the camera is connected to.

  • Check the patch cables and the network cabling.
    Especially in legacy network installations, it is possible that the only two of four wire pairs are used. If the PSE only support spare pair feeding, the product will not be powered at all. As a workaround, a PSE supporting phantom feeding could be used.
    It is as well possible that all wire pairs are patched in the installation, but one or more wires are disconnected somewhere on the network path or in the patch cables used.