No NTP server found

I have followed the instructions for setting time servers (NTP) so as to be able to use one of the cams in the network as the synchronisation source of all the other cams. None of the NTP servers listed in Europe or in Switzerland seems to be recognized. Same result: red = no NTP server found.

Am I using incorrect parameters? What should I check or change so as to be able to use a set of 3 official NTP servers?

Under time status, the line reads *, etc. According to a verification this server seems to be in Africa???

Please advise how to set 3 official NTP servers and make them recognized, as suggested in Help.

Hello alpinemartin, what recorder you have, qnap, synoslogy nas, for camera recordings, a greeting


Hello Alberto,

I am using a Synology 1817+ for the cam recordings and playback.

Regards, Martin

Hello alpinemartin, in my facilities, it is not allowed to connect the camera network to the internet We recently did an installation of 35 cameras of the series5 and series6 with a qnap tvs-871U-RP of 8 bahias and had the problem of cameras with different hours I solved it as follows I put in each of the cameras the time zone here America , Havana and NTP server I put the QNAP address for example 192 168 1 240 It means this that all cameras look for this NAS address and update the date and time by the On NAS install NTP Service and I put it to take the date and time of the local PC or QNAP This way achieves it. I know that your Synology DS1817+ can install that NTP Service, which I’m not sure is if you can set the time and date of Synology itself by default Greetings and I hope to hear from you.


Hello Alberto, many thanks for your kind and helpful reply! It is a very good idea. My Synology NAS certainly does keep track of tim, although unfortunately it does not seem to provide time information to other appliances (such as Mobotix Cams) via NTP Service. I will try to dig into this a bit deeper and will probably need some assistance or a reply from Synology Support in order to be able to find a way. Technically speaking your suggestion is a very elegant solution and I will try to make it work.

Many thanks again.

With kind regards,


Hello Martin, thank you very much for your words, if you need in detail, step by step the procedure, I can prepare it for you. I understand it because I suffer it and I know it’s a headache, among other things in the face of an insidence you can’t see what time the facts happen.

Excuse me for my bad English.

Greetings from Cuba


Hello Alberto, Many thanks for your kind offer to supply a step by step procedure. I was rapidly successful in synchronizing all my cams with my Synology. But thanks very much for your kind offer.

Regards, Martin