Perform a Dynamic DNS update with an IP Notify message

Dynamic DNS update via IP Notify message

The camera´s built in Dynamic DNS client is only able to send updates for its own IP address unfortunately not for the public IP address of the router that is providing its gateway to the internet.

Most routers have a built in DynDNS client but if that is not the case it may be possible to update the DynDNS service by using IP Notify messages.

The following example is based on using the No-IP service. You can check with your Dynamic DNS service for the API commands needed to perform a similar update.

  1. Create an IP Notify Profile (Admin Menu > Transfer Profiles > IP Notify Profiles

Add New Profile

IP Notify Type: Custom Configuration

Destination Address:

Transfer Protocol: HTTP/1.0 Request

CGI Path: /nic/update

HTTP Authentication: Username:Password (as used for No-IP website)

Notification Data: Plain Text

Message: (use actual No-IP domain name)

  1. Create a Periodic Time event to send this update every 30 minutes in Setup Menu > Event Overview > Time Events > Edit

Periodic Event



  1. Create an Action Group in Setup Menu > Action Group Overview

Click create new group and then Edit.

Select Time Event as the triggering event and click Add a new action below

and select the IP Notify as the action.

Updates per web browser address bar:



More information on the API can be found here….

In the case where the DynDNS provider does not receive the IP from the client, it uses the IP of the origin of the HTTP request. In some cases ISPs do not assign an actual public IP address to the customers router (3G/4G particularly). In such cases this approach will not work.