Playback in MxMC från NAS extreamly slow

So, we just upgraded to a new NAS for a costumer. They went from an older Synology to a newer RS1221+. It’s a high preformance NAS and we use six Synology HAT5300-16T hard drives in RAID10.

The performance is good on the NAS, browsing, copying and handling files are working as expected and we get good performance values if we benchmark it. But still it’s extremely slow when trying to view playback from within MxMC and with MxMC pointed to play recordings directly from the NAS. With the old NAS it was working flawelessly.

I guess it does not matter, but we migrated to the new NAS by first swapping recording to the the new NAS on all cameras, then moved the old recordings to the new NAS and then reinitialized the recodings on all cameras. Everything seems to be working correct, apart from the extreamly slow responsetimes in mobotix when the NAS is added to MxMC.

Any ideas?

anyone who has any ideas what we can do here?

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