[Solved] Retrieving playback slow

When clicking on playback in Mx management client it takes up to 5 minutes before being able to playback.
Plays back ok after mounting the Nas .All the cameras saves to same image and all have the same slow mounting problem

The first impression I have is that it calls up a larger structure of nested event records. There have been improvements in this area in the last software versions. You should update first the current MxMC to version 2.1.1.
as well as update the MOBOTIX NAS Recording Software to the new version
https://www.mobotix.com/de/node/13629 can be installed.
IMPORTANT: Update MxMC and NAS as both versions are dependent on each other!
If this doesn’t improve, contact our support and analyze the amount of false alarms that unnecessarily inflate the recording structure!

Thank you for your reply!
The MxMC is 2.1.1 .However the NAS is synology NAS. not Mobotix.Is there a requrement as to how the file system is configured (as bit size) I know Milestone needs the NTFS to be 64 bit format.We are using SMB.each synology Nas have no more then max 20 cameras recording to it. we have 130 cameras total.
and the system will be expanded to more cameras.