Q24 and T25 Cameras - can't set/save settings

I have both Q24 and T25 cameras. Both are currently running MX-V4.7.3.11-r4. I am able to login to both cameras through the web interface but can no longer change settings on either. When I make any change in any screen after clicking the Admin button in the main webpage and click “Set”, I’m shown a page that says “This site can’t be reached. The connection was reset.”

I believe this first started happening on an earlier firmware upgrade, but don’t recall exactly.

Any suggestions on how I might diagnose or fix this problem would be most appreciated.

Hello @dma0 ,

it seams that the Synchronize Token has a problem.

Did you test another browser or delete the browser cache?

Hey thanks very much @Mx-MaikC. I figured out what the problem was. Or at least what I think the problem was. It was happening when I accessing the cameras through a VPN connection to my LAN. The VPN is on a different IP subnet and goes through the firewall. Everything works just fine when connecting while on the LAN in the same IP subnet. Therefore the cause is either: (1) the fact that the accessing computer and the camera are on different IP subnets; or (2) the firewall is blocking something. I suspect it’s not (2), as the firewall typically doesn’t do anything odd with web connections, but admittedly haven’t peeked at the logs, and likely won’t, because the workaround is straightforward - just access from the LAN.