Push Notification - Camera Event Triggers Live App

The push notification immediately informs / alerts the user on his smartphone in case of camera events.

A typical example to illustrate the purpose and configuration:

The garage camera detects an event, e.g. movement at the garage. This leads to a push notification and the owner is informed about the event via push on his smartphone and gets an overview of the event with the Live App.

The article lists the necessary configuration steps.
Please note: The user ONLY has to carry out step 1 and, if necessary, step 3.
Step 2 is carried out automatically by the Live App and only serves to clarify the processes in the background.

  1. In the MOBOTIX Live App, the alarm notifications for the camera are activated
  • Menu - Live - Select Camera (icon “i”) - Activate the Alarm checkbox under Notifications.
  • The app communicates with the camera and writes the push configuration to the camera (takes a short moment).

  1. As a result, two important settings were automatically made in the camera
  • In the Admin menu under Transfer Profile, a new Ip Notify profile is created, e.g. “iPhone of Jörg Steuerwald”.

  • In the Setup menu, a new profile is created in the Action Group with the default name: “Generic Alarm Push” which sends a push message for ALL active events of the camera.

  1. The user may have to reduce the selection of the triggering event to the event that should actually trigger a push notification in their use case. For example, only the UC event of the camera should send a push notification.

  1. If additional smartphones are to be notified by push, the above steps must be repeated with the respective smartphone.