How to open a door using a push button?


I want to use a push button for open door using IO-Module. Because of my Mx Monitor
is not near to the door. So please suggest me how can I do that.


Hello @utmandal,

I have that configuration in my T25, using a pushbutton located near the door to open it from the inside when someone rings and I am near the door itself.

You can do this with any signal input, in my case I am using IN1 in the Keypad. You may use any MxBus device with electric inputs, like the BellRFID, the 232-IO-Box, the Input Box, the OPT-IO1 or the Ext-IO. As I am using the Keypad in the Classic Mode, what I do is first, create a Signal Event in the Setup Menu -> Event Overview. It looks like this:

Then, I do create an action under Setup Menu -> Action Group Overview; where every time the “Pulsador” event is detected, the door will be opened. Like this:

This setup is quite convenient, with a little defect. When someone rings at the door, if you open the door using the pushbutton, the ringing will continue, because no device registered in the Concierge will be “answering” the call.

I hope this helps, let me know if you need any clarification.

Have a nice one!

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Hello @Mx-AlfredoG,
Thank’s for your replay. It’s work perfectly as you say.