Ringing Event not Working

I’m having problems with the ringing notification on my iPhone X. It used to work but now doesn’t. I get alarm notifications and I do get a notification on screen of the ringing event but this is simply a push notification and opening the app doesn’t stop the ringing. Even activating the speaker doesn’t stop ringing. Have deleted the app and reinstalled but same problem. App works fine on wife’s iPhone X and on my iPad. Have looked at ringing signals in admin and I can see my iPhone X IP Notify there.
Any suggestions why this isn’t working?

First you must enter video intercom behavior and see if your iphone is registered.
It would also be good to enter IP Notification and see that your iphone is registered in Push mode.
Then check in action group http://IPCAMERA/control/actions? the push event you have included the profile of ip notifications, if you do not have it, add it a new action with the profile and it will work for you.
Let us know if this could be resolved.

Thanks for the reply.
iPhone registered in intercom behaviour.
iPhone registered in push mode.
IP notify all for iPhone included in action group also.

IMG_1015.pdf (318.5 KB)

This issue was identified and it is fixed in the next camera Firmware.